The ride

  • Posted on: 21 January 2009
  • By: Raven

It's pitch dark out. The only lights to be seen are the stars, which are more numerous than imaginable. And one small yellow beam of light a few feet in front of me. The wind is cool in my face. The sound a steady hum. I hang onto the motorcycle Joel is driving, wondering if I'm more excited or scared. Neither emotion wins, they're about equal. It's a beautiful and exciting way to travel and it feels like we are the only people in the world at that moment. But I'm also putting a lot of trust in my friend. He's driving very fast and we have no helmets or jackets on. A goat wandering into the road is far from uncommon and something as simple as that could kill us. We're on our way back from a club where we were celebrating Joel's birthday. We're not drunk but we have been drinking. At least we're the only ones on the road. It's only about 11pm but in Haiti that's the middle of the night and everyone is asleep. I explain to Joel that in New York that's when the clubs open. All I can do is look up at the stars, so dense in the sky that it doesn't look real. I only need to focus on one part of the sky for a few moments to see a falling star. This, I think, is one of the most memorable rides of my life.