Wandering Aid Introductory letter

  • Posted on: 6 January 2018
  • By: Raven

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Dear Friends and Family,

The cofounders of Wandering Aid would like to welcome you into the New Year! While 2017 was a year of planning and ideas, 2018 is a year of execution on them, beginning with bringing life to our first project.

In working to become a resource to help displaced people we decided to first focus on ways we can help people in our home town of New York City. As we did our research what we discovered is that there already are many resources spread around this city and covering different needs and for different subgroups. Rather than attempt to add yet another resource which may duplicate the efforts of others we decided to create Find Your Needs℠ - a printed resource map based off public transportation - the subway system whenever possible and buses when not. This map lists vetted resources, categorized by type (eg. shelters, clinics and legal services). Organizations can optionally sponsor the cost of the printing and distribution in exchange for a custom logo on the map as well as a description of the organization on the reverse. Find Your Needs will be distributed at these resource locations. This provides any displaced person simplified access to their needs through available resources.

We have a lot of other exciting plans for 2018 and we look to include you in our journey to aid displaced populations locally. If you have time or other in-kind donations to offer, we invite you to contact us at wanderingaid@gmail.com. We are looking for volunteers to help with anything from vetting organizations (including visiting their locations) to product design. And if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, all the better!

Keep warm during this very cold new year and help us help keep our fellow New Yorkers warm as well.

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Happy New Year! 
Eleanor Gray and Sander-Martijn Milks
Cofounders, Wandering Aid